Private dental advice and tailored at home treatments, in an instant.
Digital dental assistant
First dental app with artificial intelligence
based on the photo, make a preliminary diagnosis, estimate the cost of treatment and recommend a clinic or a doctor with high ratings for the treatment of this tooth disease
processed more
Just select a photo area and the program will analyze the received data
A team of specialists, using artificial intelligence programs
Digital dental assessments
It is now possible to pre-diagnose such problems as plaque, dental caries, periodontitis with sensitivity of about 80%. The system is able to distinguish:
Tooth filling
Tooth filling defect
More analysis options
Disease lineup for pre-diagnosis will be expanded

Just in taking pictures of the oral cavity, the system will select problem areas and make a preliminary diagnosis.
in the future
Appointments at clinics near you
The plan is to allow the patient to make an appointment with a dentist based on a preliminary diagnosis using the app. Select a clinic based on convenient location and high rating, choose a doctor who specializes in this problem, determine the cost of treatment, with the possibility of payment through the application, and much more.
and more
Integration with modern applications
Ability to model orthopedic constructions in a single center in such systems as Exocad, Sirona, etc. and modeling eliners in Maestro 3D, 3 shape ortho studio, etc.

In-App purchases
Selling individual dental insurance and dental hygiene and preventive care products based on the individual request.
For insurance companies
Control of loss expenditures for dental treatment. Ability to calculate individual dental insurance for an individual.

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